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Video Coaching – Workforce Vitality Practice

Distribute powerful content, educate and motivate your team and sustain desired behaviors over time.

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Introducing the next generation of risk management and injury prevention with powerful content available to your team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via computer, tablet and smart phone. This is the same content that is used by thousands of companies as part of their injury prevention programs.

Workforce vitality video coaching solution

It’s the next generation of risk management communication and injury prevention.


Provide critical information in bite size pieces

Educate & Motivate

Drive the desired behaviors


Deliver consistent shoulder taps over time

How it works

First, the content is distributed to your team. This can be done using our powerful email/video platform or through your company’s internal email system or Learning Management System (LMS). Next, the videos educate & motivate your team with time-tested content that is fun, practical and most importantly, effective. Finally, dozens of brief videos sustain your injury prevention process over time, improve your safety culture and drive safe behaviors.

Graphic showing how video coaching works in 3 sections: Distribute, educate & motivate and sustain.
How it works: Distribute, educate & motivate and sustain

Our Video Coaching service has two critical components: Powerful content and flexible distribution options.

Powerful content

Video coaching is only as powerful as the content that you distribute. You can choose from hundreds of existing coaching sessions, work with our team to build custom content or bring your own licensed content.

  • Existing Coaching content: WTW offers a variety of prepackage video bundles by topic. Click here to see current topic bundles. We offer full-length and brief coaching videos for leadership and employees. Our full-length videos (several award-winning) provide a thorough understanding of the topic in a format that is fun, engaging and effective. The short (90 second to 4 minute) coaching videos for employees are perfect for toolbox talks, start-up meetings or as a “safety moment” in any meeting and sustain the learning process throughout the year. Leadership coaching videos focus on implementation and engagement strategies.
  • Custom content: We have years of experience creating custom videos to meet the unique needs of an organization. Once we have the parameters (topic, length, etc.), we develop the script, film it and deliver a professional, finished product.
  • Licensed content: Organizations that have created their own videos or have licensed videos from other sources can deliver them through our powerful platform to maximize return on investment and track views.

Flexible distribution options

Customers have the option to distribute the content in a way that works best for them. This includes email and video links that are pushed from our platform to a list of your recipients, or static links that can be inserted into your organization’s internal email blasts or embedded in your Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Email push with links to WTW video player: We keep it simple. Provide a list of recipients, tell us how frequently you want the content to be pushed, select a launch date and the system goes to work. Recipients can easily be added/deleted at any time.
  • Static links to video content: Select the content you want; determine how long you want to access it and then we send you the links. These links can be inserted into internal emails or used in a Learning Management System.

Unprecedented results

No one becomes expert at anything without coaching. Getting desired behaviors from your staff is no different. Video coaching assists our clients with their efforts to drive down injuries and claims.

One of our clients was experiencing an increase in all workers compensation claims, especially musculoskeletal, slip/trip/fall and needlestick injuries. We produced ten custom coaching videos including safe patient handling, slip/trip/fall prevention, needlestick prevention, dietary, housekeeping and others. All new employees view their respective videos during onboarding. All current employees view the ten videos throughout each year. In five years, the company experienced 276 fewer claims, a 58% reduction.

About our team

The team has vast experience in manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, health care and many other types of organizations. The team has vast experience in manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, health care and many other type of organization. Our powerful content has played a key role in helping them prevent injuries, reduce claims and create a safe, healthy and productive workplace.

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