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Certificates of Insurance

Global Certificate Center

The WTW Certificate Center is responsible for processing requests for certificates of insurance and auto ID cards for renewals, new accounts and midterm requests for U.S. clients. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering a client experience backed by excellence in our people, our processes and our technology, ensuring timely service and exceptional quality.

Proofs Direct

Proofs Direct is WTW’s online portal, where clients can safely and securely access their existing Proofs of Insurance / e-Certificates as well as submit requests directly to the Certificate Center for updates or newly required Proofs of Coverage.

Portal Features

Access to certificates and auto ID cards
  • With the Proofs Direct document repository features, clients can easily search and locate proofs that have been issued by the WTW Certificate Center within the last 15 years.
Ability to issue standard certificates
  • Special access can be granted to allow self-issuance of certificates to get you on the job faster. Speak to your Client Service Representative today to discuss options.
Request Management
  • Access previously created request profiles and save frequently used request data for future requests. This will save you time and help ensure that certificate request details are accurate.
  • Once a request is submitted, users can check the status, make changes, follow up and withdraw all from one dashboard. Keeping track of your requests is easy and doesn’t require you to access multiple applications.

Accessing Proofs Direct

Client access
Certificate holder access
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