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Geopolitical Risk

The complex relationship between geopolitical drivers of risks can be as important as the risks themselves. Successful organizations will be those that can understand this connectivity, take advantage of opportunities and mitigate the risks.

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Geopolitical risk is the number one global corporate risk. Internationally it poses increasing management challenges, particularly at board level.

Increased volatility in previously stable regions and the uncertainties that follow political change are key geopolitical drivers of familiar and emerging risks. Challenges are being created by rising inequality and the risk of conflict, climate change politics and its impact, as well as a decline in commitment to the international rule of law. In our increasingly globalized and connected world, the impact a single event or shift in policy can have on an organization can be magnified through a complex web of interrelated risks and themes. The physical locations of premises, complex supply chains, geographically-mobile workforces and cyber connectivity have led to greater risk exposure emanating from cross-border transfer of goods and currency exchange, as well as employee and customer movement and increased technical integration of businesses.

Understanding geopolitically driven risk impacts and managing them across your organization is essential. Through our geopolitical risk team we bring together stakeholders across your organization that own geopolitical risk exposures; helping diverse teams collectively get to grips with the changing world, understand gaps and duplication in protection, mitigate risks and identify opportunities.

Our geopolitical team and partners have the expertise and analytical tools to help clients understand and manage the full range of their risks and likely implications, looking beyond the obvious threats.

Drivers of geopolitical risk

Geopolitical risk


Identify, quantify and assess – the full spectrum of interlinked geopolitical drivers of risk and associated risks that may impact a business, using our experience and analytical tools.

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Prevent and protect

Integrated solutions – consulting, risk management and broking – to help organizations prevent and protect against interlinked geopolitical risks. We support each client's unique risk profile and enable them to exploit opportunities that emerge.

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When risks become events we work with clients to minimize the impact, no matter where they operate and where the incident has occurred. We help them manage fast moving situations.

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