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The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented disruption leading to dramatic changes. Organizations that can transform to address those challenges can turn disruption into opportunity. The WTW Healthcare practice can help you tackle these challenges and find opportunities to grow.

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Some of the issues facing the healthcare industry

  1. Healthcare consumerism and access to care

  2. Transparency

  3. Rising costs and reimbursement

  4. Talent retention and rising costs

  5. Data breaches and advancements in data, analytics and digital health

  6. Pandemic risk and emergency preparedness

These disruptions pose challenges, but many also offer opportunities for organizations to redefine themselves. In order to succeed in an era of disruption, an organization requires the right people, risk and capital strategies.

WTW works with senior leadership at hospitals, health systems, physician groups, managed care organizations, senior living and other service providers to develop and implement strategies that will help bring long-term growth to your organization. We help clients thrive in an era of disruption by combining deep industry knowledge with extensive industry expertise.

About the WTW Healthcare Industry Vertical Division in North America

If you’re wondering what industry excellence means for our healthcare clients, watch this video to find out more.

A focus on your talent

In healthcare, your greatest asset is your talent. We can help you develop HR programs to attract and retain the critical talent you need to succeed.

We understand that every healthcare organization has distinctly different human capital needs, especially as they address the extraordinary changes in healthcare delivery.

Information on our human capital offerings

Managing your risks

We also have the resources necessary to provide healthcare clients with the service you need in insurance brokerage, risk analytics, clinical risk management consulting and claims management.

In an industry where the human touch is so highly valued, we serve as a hands-on extension of your risk management department. We recognize that every healthcare provider and facility is unique in their risk financing and risk control needs, particularly as they confront the revolutionary changes in the industry.

We help healthcare organizations reduce total cost of risk through a national and international network of dedicated healthcare brokers in our retail offices, supported by the broad expertise of our national Healthcare practice consultants and the global placement capability of our dedicated healthcare brokers in London and Bermuda.

Our risk management offerings include:

The various types of risk management offerings across our healthcare portfolio
Suite of risk management offerings
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