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Healthcare Risk Management Foundations Series

A webinar series for the clinical risk manager and healthcare, senior living, physician practice and ambulatory operational leader.

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We are pleased to announce WTW’s Healthcare Risk Management Foundations Series. We view this offering as an important and supportive resource for the risk management professional.

Although at times considered the purview of risk management and financial leadership, it is essential for the clinical risk management team as a whole to have awareness of what it takes to insure an organization.

WTW will be offering ongoing webinars (many providing CEUs) on a variety of topics, such as strategies for conducting a thorough and credible investigation of a serious safety event, creating an effective fleet management program, methods for conducting a general slip and fall investigation, developing a comprehensive written risk management plan and more.

Who should attend: This program is appropriate for all members of the healthcare and senior living risk management team, managers and other professional members of the organization who are involved in partnering with risk management and working to improved patient safety.

This series offers sessions including:

  1. Elements of an Effective Fleet Management Plan
  2. A Manager's Guide: Documenting the Difficult Encounter - Risk Reduction Strategies

In addition, tools and job aides will be provided. New sessions will be added in the coming weeks.

Please find session details below. Registration links and links to access our past recordings will be added as they become available.

Session 1: Elements of an Effective Fleet Management Plan

June 22, 2023, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET

Fleet management focuses on maximizing efficiency, increasing productivity and improving safety for an organization's vehicles and drivers. Managing an organizations fleet may extend across cities and multiple states. There are many approaches to managing such programs that may include ensuring for driver compliance and safety, maintaining the vehicles and tracking their locations.

The objectives of this webinar will be to discuss:

  • The development of a vehicle fleet safety program
  • How to gain insight on monitoring and modifying unsafe driving behavior
  • How to develop an understanding for post vehicle accident and claims management
  • The need for a holistic approach to prevention

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Session 2: A Manager's Guide: Documenting the Difficult Encounter - Risk Reduction Strategies

September 7, 2023, 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET

Those who must chart in the medical record may find challenging to document difficult encounters such as medical mishaps and errors, episodes of patient/resident violence, disclosure following an adverse event, non-compliance, non-adherence and other challenging situations. Recording a factual accounting of what happened and how the organization respond to the situation would provide an essential record of the events that transpired.

The objectives of this webinar will be to:

  • Describe the elements that contribute to effective documentation for providers and the professional care team members
  • Identify how data and analytics accessed through chart audits can support methods for improving documentation
  • Understand the strategies for educating those who complete documentation in the medical record
  • Understand the claims and legal implications for documenting the difficult encounter

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