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Climate Risk

Choose a smarter way to identify, quantify and manage climate-related risks and opportunities with our global network of climate risk and industry specialists and advanced climate analytics.

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Helping you outsmart climate risk

Climate change and the transition to net zero are adding to your risk portfolio, creating new sources of risk and opportunity across property, business interruption, natural catastrophe, supply chain and directors’ and officers’ exposures.

You can reduce climate-related impacts and volatility with our powerful combination of risk consulting expertise, industry specialists and advanced climate data analytics, based on our ability to translate physical and transition risks into financial impact. We help you understand climate-driven losses and financial value at risk, enhancing your risk finance strategy and reducing climate-driven uncertainty.

Optimizing your climate risk journey

We optimize your climate risk approach by tailoring climate risk solutions to your specific risks and connecting you with WTW specialists in your industry, as well as our experts in:

  • Physical climate risk
  • Climate transition risk
  • Climate data analytics
  • Alternative risk transfer solutions
  • Climate reporting

We reveal the right climate risk approach for your organization, wherever you are on your journey, recognizing your combination of climate risk knowledge and needs is unique.

Whether you need support identifying, quantifying, managing, transferring or reporting on your climate risks, we help you find a smarter way forward.

Join some of the world’s biggest companies, asset owners, investors, non-governmental organizations and government authorities strengthening their resilience and growth with our decades-long, award-winning history in modeling, analyzing and responding to climate risks.

Here we outline our three-step process to identifying, quantifying and managing physical and transition climate risks and the outcome of doing so.
Our three-step process to identify, quantify and manage climate risk

Physical climate risk

How will the increasing intensity and frequency of physical climate hazards affect your premises, operations, supply chains and workforce? How can you respond in the most effective and efficient way? Can you leverage analytics to manage the risks and potential opportunities of your organization's changing risk profile? Our industry and climate risk experts, advanced analytics and data sets help you manage physical climate risks and optimize the opportunities.

Changing acute and chronic hazards present many potential risks to your financial performance. Identifying which physical climate risks will hit your assets and investment portfolio hardest is critical.

You can leverage our deep understanding of natural catastrophe, risk engineering and climate science to identify and prioritize your physical risk hazards, as well as estimate financial losses from physical risks and calculate their impact on your bottom line.

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Effective physical climate risk management starts with accurately quantifying your financial exposures. Our in-house models, risk engineers and climate adaptation experts assess the direct and indirect impacts from acute and chronic physical risks on your assets and operations. We help you both understand the financial impact of physical risks and offer actionable steps to strengthen your approach to managing them.

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We support your operating and financial resilience with holistic and optimized physical climate risk management that builds on our climate risk data sets, modeling and risk transfer expertise.

Make smarter decisions on managing physical climate risks in alternative a range of climate scenarios over short, medium and long-term time horizons. Optimize physical risk adaptation, reduction, retention and risk transfer to protect value in a warming world with our powerful financial metrics which assess the impact of physical climate risks on the value of your organization.

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Climate transition risk

How will the transition to net zero impact your business performance? How can you quantify the financial value at risk of your asset and investment portfolios from the net zero transition? We help you estimate the impact of changes in consumer sentiment, regulation and technology on your organization’s profitability and value, enabling you to make more informed strategic decisions for future success.

Identify and understand how and when your climate transition risks are creating new risks and opportunities, as well as amplifying your existing exposures with our climate insight and enterprise risk management expertise.

Managing your transition risk effectively starts with quantifying it. With decades of specialist modeling expertise, use our proprietary data to quantify the impact and timing of transition risks and opportunities on cash flows to reveal your transition value at risk.

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Manage the financial risks of climate transition and the impact on the value of your investments more effectively. Access our forward-looking, bottom-up analysis of individual securities and evaluate upside and downside in a transition to highlight transition risks in portfolios. We help you develop portfolio management strategies matched to the characteristics of your portfolio.

Risk transfer

We connect your physical climate risks with the most efficient risk management and transfer strategies, positioning your organization for success and helping lower your total cost of risk.

Climate-related risks can leave you facing insurance coverage gaps in your existing program. Get the stability and certainty you need in the face of climate risk with coverage adequacy analysis with our global network of industry specialists and climate risk experts.

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Overcome the financial volatility created by physical climate risks with risk financing and insurance tailored to your current and future climate risk needs. Join public and private sector organizations protecting profits, people and ecosystems from physical climate risks with both our traditional and innovative approaches.

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Climate risk disclosure and reporting

As climate reporting requirements continue to evolve, we support you with expertise and analytics. These perspectives can help you meet your current climate disclosure requirements and support you in proactively integrating climate risk and opportunity into your business strategy.

Our wider-ranging risk analytics capabilities can help inform your response to climate risk reporting and disclosure requirements, including IFRS S2, the EU’s CSRD and the U.S. SEC climate proposal.

We’re focused on helping you go beyond today’s climate reporting obligations to meet tomorrow’s board, investor, stakeholder and customer expectations.

Why choose WTW for your climate risk journey?

Working with us means partnering with experts committed to reducing your climate-related risks and finding opportunities for long-term resilience and growth. We meet you wherever you are on your climate risk management journey, whether you need to discover your priority climate risks, quantify their impact or maximize how you manage them.

We’re committed to futureproofing your organization, calling on our long track record of climate risk management and catastrophe modeling, award-winning solutions and data methodologies, and cutting-edge risk analytics.

We go beyond simply measuring your climate risks, recognizing how meeting stakeholder demands and outperforming peers can mean reconsidering your risk capital allocation in far-reaching ways. Our industry specialists, supported by a network of 45,000 colleagues in our risk, capital and people services globally, partner with you to overcome climate risk challenges to thrive today and into the decades ahead.

Here we explain the WTW difference on our approach to climate risk.
The WTW difference on climate risk

Which organizations can we help outsmart climate uncertainty?

Our industry specialists and multi-disciplinary teams work with:

  • Public and private companies across diverse sectors, from agriculture to technology, including financial services, natural resources, food and beverage, public sector, manufacturing and retail
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • National and local government bodies, including city authorities
  • Asset owners and other financial institutions.

Our risk partners can work shoulder-to-shoulder with multiple business functions including risk, finance, treasury, sustainability and boards.

For a smarter way to manage climate risk, contact our proactive and experienced specialists.


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