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Connected Risk Intelligence is an innovative new development in risk consulting which visualises risk in a single language and framework to empower organisations to make better risk finance decisions.

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For the first time, companies can have absolute certainty that their risk strategy is exactly right for their business; that their risk exposure is at the optimal level; and that they are paying precisely what they should to protect themselves and no more.

This unique, wide-angled view enables clients to navigate a complex risk landscape and plot a strategic course of risk action which is built on empirical evidence and is in complete alignment with the imperatives of the business.

And when circumstances change, Connected Risk Intelligence’s industry-leading technology is able to remodel in seconds, adjusting priorities quickly, simply and effectively.

Understand downside risk throughout your entire organisation and execute a plan of action to reduce volatility and liberate capital for better uses.

This leads to better-informed decisions. And better business outcomes.

Among these advantages could be to reduce spend, reduce risk to release risk capital for deployment elsewhere in the business, or an optimal blend of both.

Optimise your risk portfolio like never before.

Achieved by connecting deep expertise and cutting-edge technology, Connected Risk Intelligence identifies the optimal risk financing portfolio along an Efficient Frontier.

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