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Captive and Insurance Management Solutions

There is no such thing as a standard captive or a generic solution. We provide risk retention advice through client-focused strategic consultancy, analytics and insurance facility management.

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Captives can enhance the financial and operational performance of your organization as a key element of your risk management strategy. Bringing together our risk expertise and data-driven insights, we provide a clear decision making framework to support your risk retention and risk transfer strategies.

What is captive insurance?

A captive is a licensed (re)insurance company owned by a non-(re)insurance group to facilitate its risk retention and risk transfer activities. Businesses that form captives are able to pay premiums to a dedicated vehicle, creating financial segregation for the risks covered with the added advantage of being able to build reserves against future possible losses. This can be particularly helpful in shielding underlying business units from undue cashflow volatility.

Why WTW for your captive?

With expertise in designing, implementing and managing captives for clients worldwide, we use local knowledge and consulting expertise to help optimize your captive by ensuring it is licensed in the right domicile and meets your unique risk financing needs.

We help clients worldwide across a spectrum of industries find opportunity in risk financing decisions. Informed by WTW Risk and Analytics, our proprietary core analytical models and software help clients secure better value from their insurance program and optimize their overall risk portfolio.

Our tools help you perform the financial analysis and due diligence needed to demonstrate the value of forming a captive to all internal stakeholders.

WTW's dedicated captive professionals are here to help you wherever you are on your captive journey.

We can help you in the following areas:

Captive feasibility

We find new ideas to unlock the potential of your captive insurance solution and assist in creating more value for your business.

We identify and optimize your risk financing opportunities by understanding your strategic objectives and reviewing your current insurance program structure against them.

By forecasting claims and premiums, analyzing risk retention scenarios and evaluating potential captive domiciles, we create your unique captive business plan. This process estimates capital and solvency requirements and creates financial projections, underwriting guidelines, accounting processes. It also sets out taxation considerations.

The feasibility study also determines the appropriate governance surrounding the captive and creates unique governance recommendations.

Captive implementation

To help ensure the appropriate captive structure is aligned to your business and risk financing needs, we collect and prepare the information you will need to apply for a captive license.

We make implementation smoother and more efficient by working with regulators throughout the licensing process, helping you select captive service providers and work with you and your brokers in dealings with the fronting insurers.

We support you in developing your captive infrastructure. To create your fully functional captive insurance entity, we draft your captive governance and operations manual.

Captive ongoing services

We have teams operating in all major global captive domiciles. To add further value, through our proprietary captive operating models throughout these domiciles, we provide a provide a full range of core and ancillary insurance management services, including:

  • Captive implementation
  • Financial and regulatory reporting
  • Insurance program underwriting and claim administration
  • Reinsurance/retrocession administration
  • Ongoing governance and compliance
  • Risk and capital management
  • Local advisory and consulting
  • Actuarial pricing and reserving.

Ongoing capital optimization and risk analytics

Our global risk and analytics experts are dedicated to minimizing volatility and improving profitability.

We identify patterns and discover hidden value in your risk portfolios. We do this by calling on a wide range of analytics-driven capabilities:

  • Risk quantification and optimization: Predictive modelling of risks on single line or portfolio basis, risk tolerance and appetite development, and program optimization
  • Climate risk quantification: Innovative scenario modeling, identifying new potential revenue streams
  • Forensic accounting: Preparation, quantification and resolution of large and complex claims, pre-loss planning and the calculation of business interruption values.

Strategic review

We continually review your captive utilization to optimize value. This support can include captive health checks and captive structure analysis and factoring in long-term resilience by incorporating environmental, social and governance drivers into your captives solution.

Insurance management solutions

We can provide all of the above feasibility, capital optimization and risk analytics services to commercial insurers operating in the domiciles we work in and requiring managed services. This includes:

  • Affinity Insurers
  • Managing general agents (MGAs)
  • Managing general underwriters (MGUs)
  • Legacy/runoff insurers
  • Niche underwriters.


WTW offers insurance-related services through its appropriately licensed and authorised companies in each country in WTW operates. For further authorisation and regulatory details about our WTW legal entities, operating in your country, please refer to our WTW website. It is a regulatory requirement for us to consider our local licensing requirements.

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