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Meeting economic challenges

Inflation, supply chain disruption and increasing political risk mean a particularly challenging business climate, but with the right people and risk management strategies your organization can find opportunity.

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The economic uncertainty characterizing economies worldwide today is particularly challenging. The continuing effects from the COVID-19 pandemic has upended business, markets and supply chains. The limited availability of skills and talent as well as access to capital will continue to be felt for some time. Adding to uncertainty is inflation not seen in some countries in more than 40 years.

How these changes will affect your people, risk and capital strategies will remain unclear for the foreseeable future. But despite the uncertainty, we at WTW believe that with the right perspective and vision, you can position your organization for growth by uncovering opportunities as they arise.

For example, organizations that can demonstrate purpose and show a commitment to the wellbeing of their employees will have the advantage, regardless of how events play out. Similarly, those that are better governed and able to optimize their risk management strategies will prove relatively safer risks, better positioned to attract investment – even more important at a time when the cost of capital is increasing.

Actionable insights

We can help you address these economic challenges with solutions that enable you to balance the needs and expectations of your shareholders, employees and customers in these challenging economic times.

We will continue to analyze the effects of inflation and will provide actionable insights that enable you to manage the impact of higher prices and labor market expectations around wages and benefits while maintaining profitability and sustainability.

WTW provides solutions and insights to find opportunity amid uncertainty through three lenses: people, risk and capital.


Adding to businesses’ challenges today is the scarcity of qualified employees and difficulty retaining top performers. WTW can work with you to better attract and keep employees by enabling you to gain a better understanding of what employees want and to offer a more competitive total rewards package while keeping costs in check.

We’ll also partner with you to create a more purpose-driven culture that will also set your organization apart from the competition.


Effective risk management can provide multiple benefits, preparing you for the unexpected, enabling you to mitigate the impact of adverse events and helping you build a more sustainable business for the long term. And because organizations with better risk management tend to be better run businesses, they can more easily attract capital – particularly important in a time of rising interest rates and economic uncertainty.


Effectively balancing risk and reward is even more critical when economic headwinds prevail. With advanced analytics and institutional know-how, we enable you to discover your next great opportunities despite economic challenges. We can help you deploy capital to serve the needs of a wide range of stakeholders and uncover sustainable investment opportunities that will be the key to long-term success while managing inherent risks.

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