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Navigating named windstorm risks: mitigation and management strategies

November 1, 2023

In a changing climate, the proportion of intense tropical cyclones is expected to increase globally. This report looks at how to quantify these risks and minimize the potential losses.
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Named windstorms, which encompass tropical storms like hurricanes, stand as formidable contributors to global catastrophe losses. Furthermore, the warmer world we inhabit promises an increase in the occurrence of highly intense tropical cyclones.

Windstorms, characterized by their fierce winds, have the capacity to wreak havoc on landscapes, toppling trees and damaging buildings. Beyond this immediate impact, they unleash secondary perils, including heavy rainfall, river inundations, landslides, and coastal flooding, collectively causing extensive damage and upheaval.

During our recent webinar on June 20, 2023, we delved into the intricate mechanics of these storms, scrutinizing their formation and measurement. We elucidated how we assess risks and offered insights into how WTW empowers clients in their pursuit of risk mitigation and management.

Our exploration encompassed:

  • Quantification of risks and probable losses
  • Innovative risk transfer solutions tailored to the unique challenges posed by windstorms
  • Real-world case studies in risk consultancy and claims resolution
  • A glimpse into ongoing research concerning windstorm-related risk topics

Webinar recording

WTW Named Windstorms Webinar — June 2023

Discover our comprehensive report, offering insights into the pivotal discussions and takeaways from the webinar.

In our relentless commitment to assisting clients in making informed decisions regarding the mitigation and management of windstorm and climate-related risks, WTW provides a holistic risk consultancy service. This encompasses exhaustive risk analysis, sophisticated catastrophe modeling, and meticulous vulnerability assessments through catastrophe engineering.

For specialist help discovering smarter ways to managing named windstorm risks, please get in touch.


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