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Healthcare: Allegations of Abuse Readiness Program

A comprehensive toolkit for organizational leadership to plan for, respond to and recover from an allegations of abuse.

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Our Allegations of Abuse Readiness Program delivers a comprehensive toolkit designed to help all healthcare settings plan for, respond to, and recover from allegations of abuse. This toolkit includes an educational webinar recording, sample checklists, guides and procedure documents.

Although this example highlights the experience of a direct caregiver, any member of the care team in any care setting inclusive of acute care, a physician practice or a senior living facility could be faced with the same situation. An allegation of abuse can be unsettling, disruptive, and costly for the person making the allegation, the care team member and the organization.

Many times, these cases can arise from misunderstandings or poor communication. For the vulnerable person in care, how they interpret their environment and how they are being engaged with by their caregivers is the reality they come to know. What was intended by the care team may result in confusion for the patient.

Prevention program

What can be done to prevent allegations? The following represent preventative steps for consideration:

  • Code of conduct
  • Ongoing training
  • Policies and procedures
  • Patient and resident rights

Recommendation response plan

Our toolkit, which can be downloaded in individual parts below includes steps in the response plan:

  • Activation
  • Notification
  • Investigation
  • Reporting requirements
  • Survey readiness
  • Closure/Post-event debrief
  • Insurance implications

By implementing a reporting and response plan and abuse prevention strategies, senior care communities, hospitals and other care providers settings can provide for a safe care environment where abuse is an unlikely event. Managing abuse risk is a significant factor in delivering quality healthcare for all healthcare providers.


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