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Adverse Event Consulting

Strengthen your clinical and risk management systems to detect and prevent adverse events.

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Unwanted incidents that result in harm to patients/residents, visitors and employees disrupt healthcare delivery, damage reputation, drive up insurance premiums, elevate retention levels and can have long term morale effects on the staff. Detecting and preventing adverse events has become increasingly difficult for healthcare systems due to staffing constraints, mergers, acquisitions, reliance on contracted workers and ever expanding service lines. It is time for an innovative approach to reduce adverse events – The WTW Adverse Event Consulting services.

The Adverse Event Consulting Service at WTW

Learn more about the next generation of risk avoidance and how we work with you to prevent harm, advance safety and contain costs related to preventing adverse events.

Prevent harm - Advance safety - Contain cost

Next generation risk avoidance

Extension of your risk team

How Adverse Event Consulting works

Our Adverse Event Consulting (AEC) is designed using a sustainable, change management framework to assess, build and coach your team to success.

Sustainability framework AEC – Access, Build, Coach
AEC sustainability framework

Our service differentiator begins with the performance accountability coach (PAC) assigned to support you every step of the way. The PAC leads the data mining and process mapping exercise along with continutous improvement coaching throughout our client engagement.

Performance accountability coaches

Coaching elevates stakeholder engagement with agreed upon program structure, meaningful metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to show evidence of goal attainment and sustainable results. Coaching has been shown to have a direct impact on employee satisfaction related to work, role clarity, and an indirect impact on organizational commitment and job performance.

The PAC team elevates your risk management framework by actively engaging stakeholders to achieve mastery level of adverse event mitigation. We do this by:

  • Active monthly monitoring of success metrics and benchmarks, including stakeholder coaching sessions with the PAC team to improve outliers and raise your scores.
  • Renewal report for market submissions is provided to demonstrate improvement strategies along with gap analysis and process, policy and vendor contract recommendations related to quality metrics.
  • Reduced adverse event exposures through structured clinical and safety performance evaluation thereby impacting the associated costs and improving bottom line (e.g., retained loss costs).

Adverse Event Consulting Services

AEC model at a glance: Case management, product related events, surgical services, protection events, occupational health, workforce injuries
AEC model at a glance: Case management, product related events, surgical services, protection events, occupational health, workforce injuries
  • Adverse Event Consulting for Healthcare is a 3-year term engagement with PAC designed to address patient and employee injuries.
  • Adverse Event Consulting for Industry (non- healthcare) is a 3-year term engagement with PAC to address WC and review of work procedures to reduce worker injury.
  • Occupational Health Service Optimization is an assessment to review leave of absence process, return to work, occupational and non-occupational services offered/utilized based on employee population health, and staffing needs.
  • Validation of Musculoskeletal Occupational Claims (VMOC) is an onsite work evaluation to validate the legitimacy of a musculoskeletal occupational claim.
  • Adverse Event Consulting for Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) following the PAC model to move organizations towards higher performance and accountability around their BBS program.
  • Adverse Event Consulting for Workplace Protection following the PAC model to evaluate workplace violence, aggressive behavior, elopement, abuse, neglect and physical security including active shooter.

Unprecedented results

The AEC consulting practice aligns interventions around your two most critical assets; patients/residents and employees. By addressing the parallel risks associated with each, we are improving clinical and safety outcomes simultaneously. In today’s environment of resource constraints, fatigue and burnout, systems need a fresh new approach to solving adverse events. Clients who use AEC can expect a 10-20% improvement in adverse event frequency on targeted exposures.

About our team

The Adverse Event Consulting team is led by an accomplished team of healthcare professionals that have decades of experience helping clients address common and complex adverse events to improve balance sheet, employee morale and reputational standings in the communities they serve.

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