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Loyalty Rewards Program Predictive Analytics

LoyaltyAdvisor provides fast, forward-looking answers and insights for loyalty executives to drive value.

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Unlock the full potential of your loyalty data with predictive power

Loyalty programs generate a tremendous amount of data with a potential treasure trove of insights that can fuel competitive advantage. Many loyalty programs already use predictive analytics to unlock value, but these are typically focused on marketing-use cases that explore short-term, discrete behaviors. Ultimately, a longer prediction horizon for valuing the customer's behavior change will offer you more potential options to drive value.

With the predictive power of LoyaltyAdvisor's integrated financial framework and software, you can test new strategies for optimizing performance, tiering and targeting members with the most potential, and managing liability risk from unredeemed points with more confidence.

Clarify decision making with predictive power

LoyaltyAdvisor uses the latest advances in data science to provide you with insights and answers to tough questions that can have tremendous business impacts. With information that's readily available and always up to date, you can explore new strategies and proactively manage your loyalty program with greater speed, agility and precision for a competitive difference.

Get more value, better decisions and faster results

  1. Uncover more ways to drive value.

    With advanced models that predict uncertain future member behavior, LoyaltyAdvisor can help you uncover more opportunities to maximize customer lifetime value and drive revenue by targeting the right customers with the most potential for increasing loyalty program ROI.

  2. Make better decisions.

    With LoyaltyAdvisor, you can explore what-if scenarios with ease to assess the impact of potential program changes, new strategies and potential risks. Our unified financial framework clarifies decision making across your business. Marketing can be more strategic. Accounting can have more confidence in liability estimates. CFOs can know that business decisions about the loyalty program make financial sense.

  3. Get faster, more actionable results.

    With LoyaltyAdvisor, once your models are calibrated, we can deliver results within a week of receiving your customized data. Your monthly, quarterly and annual accounting processes will run faster, so you’ll have more time and energy for optimizing program strategy with information that’s timely and actionable.

For over a decade, Willis Towers Watson has helped some of the world's largest loyalty programs manage their financial health. With a deep understanding of predictive modeling and risk, we're skilled at helping companies translate model output into actionable business intelligence. Our solutions are grounded in a wide range of client experience ranging from the largest loyalty programs to new program launches. We can help you address any loyalty program financial performance issue or challenge.

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