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Integrated Casualty Consulting

Integrated Casualty Consulting provides user-selected balance sheet protection and assists our large workers compensation and general liability clients in reducing their total cost of risk by mitigating claim frequency and costs, reducing claim management fees, and improving operational efficiencies.

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Integrated Casualty Consulting (ICC), an extension of the Risk Control and Claim Advocacy practice, offers clients with loss sensitive programs highly specialized services designed to mitigate claim frequency and costs, reduce claim management fees and improve operational efficiencies.

Risk Performance Optimization (RPO)

Risk management outcomes are a function of the quality of the business processes that influence them. Improve the business process that may influence exposure to risk and claims, and the outcomes will improve. To meet the challenges associated with improving the collective processes that drive claim outcomes and costs, WTW has developed Risk Performance Optimization (RPO), an advisory service led by our senior consultants to improve daily risk management execution.

Claim Consulting Services

The WTW Claim Consulting Practice offers a full suite of solutions and services. Find out more

  • Claim Closure Solutions
  • TPA Selection Services
  • Claim Audit Solutions
  • Risk Performance Optimization
  • Medical Cost Containment Solutions

Liability Claim Consulting Services

  • Liability Claim Consulting and Carrier Relations
  • Additional Insurer/Insurance Recovery Solutions
  • Liability Claim Closure Solutions
  • Head Injury Claims
  • Opioid Litigation Insurance Recovery Consulting
  • Asbestos Liabilities
  • Sexual Molestation Litigation

Workforce Vitality practice

The WTW Workforce Vitality practice has a suite of tools and services to improve your organization's performance and give you an edge over your competitors. Click here for our suite of solutions

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