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Directors' all risk cover (DARCstar) is a groundbreaking approach to Directors & Officers liability insurance, designed to simplify and improve the protection available to directors and officers.

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DARCstar is based on the premise that many D&O liability insurance policies are too lengthy and cumbersome. Just ten pages long, it confronts the paradox that more complex terms often do not deliver better cover.

DARCstar includes additional features not seen in standard D&O policies. These include:

  • Advancement of all directors’ costs in the event of an allocation dispute
  • No absolute exclusion in relation to the gaining of profit or advantage
  • Defence and investigation costs cover for death under the D&O policy (for death resulting in a claim against a director or officer or other insured person)
  • Fully integrated Outside Directors Liability (ODL) cover
  • Loss mitigation protection
  • Suspended claims reporting requirements where legal restrictions apply
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