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Success Story

Move to fully outsourced solution provides flexibility and high quality

March 22, 2024

A case study: A managed care company wanted a solution that would enable their benefits strategy and provide a superior employee experience
Benefits Administration and Outsourcing Solutions

This managed care company needed a new benefits administration approach that could support an evolving benefits strategy and improve their employee experience. As their consulting partner, they saw WTW as uniquely qualified to deliver the best solution.

The Challenge

While initially hesitant to move to a fully outsourced environment, the client realized their internal Workday administration system no longer met their needs. Their benefits team was spending extensive time on day-to-day administration tasks, and the Workday system was not flexible enough to support their plan design and carrier strategy going forward. They needed an outsourced provider they could trust to provide exceptional customer service along with the highest quality service delivery.

The Solution

WTW designed a benefits administration solution that would significantly improve the employee experience — both for the benefits team and plan participants. Our solution meets the client’s high standards for quality, and the flexibility of the system enables their benefits strategy now and in the future. We built on the trust established by our consulting relationship, and demonstrated that the expertise of our delivery and customer service colleagues would allow them to become an extension of the client’s team.

The Results

By implementing WTW’s administration solution, the client achieved more than $3 million in savings from an enhanced benefits strategy that could now be supported. The reduced administrative burden on their internal benefits team allows them to focus on strategic initiatives — they are particularly happy with the customer service support we provide, noting how impressed they are by the ability of our CSRs to effectively handle their employees’ inquiries. They also received excellent employee feedback on the enhanced enrollment experience.

Finally, our solution gave the client the flexibility to onboard very complex acquisitions in a short time frame. Since implementing the solution, they have completed both major and small acquisitions, using our approach to achieve efficient and cost-effective outcomes.

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