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Success Story

Client-focused administration solution replaces dated in-house system

March 22, 2024

A case study: A food processing company needed a flexible administration solution to support their broad employee base
Benefits Administration and Outsourcing Solutions

This food processing company wanted to partner with a service provider that could work with the client’s own internal resources to provide a superior employee experience.

The Challenge

This company had been administering benefits internally on two enrollment systems, SAP and JD Edwards, which did not meet their needs. While they wanted to retain customer service capabilities in-house, they needed an administration partner that could provide a flexible system and solution that would support their complex plan design and broad employee base with better technology and communication capabilities. The company’s internal team needed the capability to support some enrollments by paper, two dozen languages spoken in their population and frequent acquisition activity.

The Solution

WTW offered a benefits administration solution that focused on our high-quality client service, flexible system capabilities and high standard of client delivery. Our solution is designed to work with the client’s own resources to support their employees and offers flexibility to support the unique administration and communication needs of their population — whether via self-service or direct contact with the client’s employee service team. Another important feature of our solution is the ability to integrate new acquisitions into the system seamlessly, a key factor for the client’s business objectives.

The Results

Consolidating to a single benefits administration platform significantly reduced the administrative burden on the client’s team, allowing them to focus on better serving employees and other internal priorities. The ease around M&A activity also gives the company flexibility to move forward with their future business plans.

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