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Benefits Enrollment

Protection: that’s what benefits have always been about

Now more than ever, the benefits portfolio you’ve carefully curated for your workforce is no longer table stakes, it’s a key differentiator of your employee experience. Your employees have never been more aware of how important their benefits are when it comes to protecting themselves and their family.

While you have your employees’ attention during this year’s benefits enrollment season, remind them just how valuable those benefits are and lean into these emerging themes to enhance your EX through your benefits: 1) provide security, 2) give choice, 3) make it easy.

Three boxes with the text “provide security, give choice and make it easy,” circumscribed by wellbeing and diversity, equity and inclusion.
In addition to emphasizing key themes of security, choice and ease, talking about benefits in the context of a culture of wellbeing as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion demonstrates your commitment to caring for your employees’ health and happiness.
  1. 01

    Provide security

    Emphasize the security that your benefits provide and what you are doing to help support your employees during benefits enrollment and throughout the year

  2. 02

    Give choice

    Offer choices to your employees in the form of creative program designs, decision-making support and in the mix of your communications before, during and after benefits enrollment

  3. 03

    Make it easy

    Help your employees prepare for, enroll and use benefits by communicating often and in a personalized manner throughout the benefits enrollment process

A differentiated benefits experience will enhance your overall employee experience and make a meaningful difference in the moments that matter for your employees. Talk to a WTW expert today.


A better virtual benefits fair experience

Reach each employee with an immersive experience that engages them in their benefits decisions and increases their appreciation for your benefits offering

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