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Deep technical expertise and strategic market relationships offer unique, best in class insurance products.

About Panels

  • Since 2010 WTW has led the brokerage community in developing valued added aggregation strategies based on a clear value proposition centered around client needs.
  • WTW Panels brings together our deep technical expertise and strategic market relationships to offer unique, best in class insurance products. Through Panels, our markets commit to pre-agreed terms, conditions and capacity for a defined line of business, class or industry.
  • We design and deliver solutions that manage risk, consistently and efficiently to protect and strengthen institutions and individuals.
  • Engages technical expertise to deliver enhanced coverage that fills gaps in standard coverage
  • Carriers carefully selected via thorough RFP process enables a competitive environment ensuring improved service and claims commitments
  • Efficient and consistent approach to providing improved products gives all WTW clients an expedited route to the best products available

Construction Property Panels

Construction Property Panels

The Construction Property Panels consist of: Master Builder's Risk, Project Builder's Risk and the Contractor's Block Panel.

The Master Builder’s Risk and Project Builder’s Risk Panels provide pre-negotiated minimum coverage and service requirements, as well as minimum compensation requirements for new and renewable business. The Panels include robust automatic sub-limits and the ability to cover existing structures.

On behalf of our contractors and subcontractors, the Contractor’s Block Panel, includes the ability to procure coverage for the following:

  • Real and personal property, including time element
  • Contractor’s equipment
  • Installation works
  • Rigger’s legal liability
  • Motor truck cargo legal liability

Together these three Panels deliver comprehensive solutions with a consistent and efficient process.

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FINEX Panels

FINEX Panels

The FINEX Panels consist of the Management Liability Panel and the Cyber/E&O Panel, each containing their own set of partner markets.

The Management Liability FINEX Panel is a unique and innovative solution for:

  • US-based privately held companies with annual revenues < $1 billion
  • All Management Liability lines of coverage, including: Directors & Officers, EPL, Fiduciary, Crime, Employed Lawyers and K&R (when combined with a package policy)
    • Private/Not-for-profit (NFP) companies only
    • Commercial Organizations only (no financial institutions)
    • Packaged or stand-alone (except K&R) options
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The Cyber/E&O Panel is a unique and innovative solution for:

  • US-based companies with annual revenues < $1 billion
  • Private/NFP & public company (and Financial Institutions) stand-alone placements are eligible
  • Coverage is inclusive of the below:
    • Privacy and Network Security Liability (cyber)
    • Technology E&O
    • Media E&O (stand-alone or blended)
    • Miscellaneous Professional Liability E&O

Additionally, Panels provides pre-negotiated minimum coverage enhancements for all lines and the ability to secure quotes for stand-alone or blended coverage from the respective carrier particpants.

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Property Panel

Property Panel

The Property Panel is a unique and innovative Panel solution for all single placement property risks in a wide range of industries. It provides pre-negotiated minimum coverage requirements that have been carefully selected to reduce broker errors and omissions.

Key Benefits:

  • Contract certainty through pre-negotiated minimum coverage requirements, inclusive of unique coverage enhancements; Increased leverage with carrier partners to drive better outcomes for clients.
  • Broad carrier appetite for target industry, single carrier placements with premium starting at $100,000 and up
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Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or Drones Panel

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or Drones Panel

The WTW Aerospace IVD has partnered with global aerospace to offer an easy way to purchase coverage for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), or Drones and access valuable flight safety resources, all via their online portal.

Coverage Offered:

  • UAS Hull & Liability (commercial uses)
  • UAS Non-Owned Liability

Available Limits:

  • Hull: up to $80m
  • Liability: up to $750m
  • Products Liability: up to $500m
  • Non-Owned Liability: up to $750m
  • Grounding Liability: sub-limited

Key Features:

  • Flight checklists, best practice and emergency response guides included
  • Policy is written on a 100% basis (no quota share)
  • US based risks only at this time
  • Program terms only available via the WTW/Global Aerospace Portal
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