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Custom salary data and analytics

Off-the-shelf salary data is key for insights into market trends. Add WTW customized solutions – based on salary data and informed with human intelligence – to validate and support your HR decisions.

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Rewards professionals must keep a pulse on a constantly evolving market and understand how trends are affecting their ability to remain an employer of choice. Increasingly complicated challenges are triggering the need for more customized and actionable insights. By leveraging our market-leading survey data coupled with customized intelligence, WTW supports you in answering questions like:

  • Do you have market intelligence specific to your geography, industry, size or peer group that supports your salary decisions for both executives and non-executives?
  • Do you have the right mix of fixed to variable pay across your employee populations to drive the right behaviors?
  • Are you offering the right incentives to the right employee populations?
  • How do your health care, retirement and wellbeing programs compare to your competitors’ offerings, and do they round out your value proposition?
  • Do you have the custom salary data you need for high-demand jobs and premium skills?
  • Do you have decision-quality data to appropriately assess the appropriateness of your organizational design?

Robust and customized data analytics built on WTW’s leading compensation and benefits surveys are critical for accessing the information you need to be recognized as an employer of choice. Our team of market data and rewards experts will get you there. Their expertise and experience in gleaning market-specific insights will inform and empower you to make decisions to address your organization’s unique situation. From customized data analytics to an extensive, global network of work and rewards consultants, WTW can support you – as well as your local and global teams – with a broad array of solutions.

Salary benchmarking and analysis

Access best-in-class, decision-quality compensation data and insights to inform your business and talent decisions. You will have access to:

  • Published data drawdowns and reports
  • Job matching and peer group identification, survey support and training, and custom benchmarking
  • Select peer group and/or industry analytics
  • Custom analyses that combine functions, levels, disciplines and global job grades
  • Scope-adjusted analyses (e.g., revenue, assets, employee size)
  • Geographic-specific analytics and “borderless” pay benchmarking
  • Competitive compensation analysis, internal equity and feedback analysis (e.g., review of current vs. market, gap analyses)
Executive compensation analytics

Take a deep dive into competitive assessments of salary, annual incentives and long-term cash and equity incentives. Get executive compensation right with insights into:

  • Select peer group and/or industry analytics
  • Year-over-year analyses (e.g., constant company and/or incumbent reviews)
  • Custom analyses that combine benchmarks, reporting levels and global grades
  • “Borderless” analytics and reviews
  • Highest-paid analytics, total executive spend analyses
  • Survey data plus disclosed data reviews
  • Scope-adjusted and predicted pay (regression) analytics
Benefits and HR policies benchmarking and analysis

Get a more holistic view of Total Rewards and HR market practices with robust HR benchmark policies and practices that support your efforts to ensure the right packages are in place to optimize your investments and make you an employer of choice. Access includes:

  • Data drawdowns and reports (e.g., prevalence, eligibility, receivership)
  • Customized peer group and/or industry analytics
  • Side-by-side benefits analyses (e.g., review of current vs. market, gap analyses)
Salary budget planning practices

Support your compensation planning activities with WTW's pre-eminent salary budget planning surveys for timely, relevant market trends on actual and forecasted salary movements around the world:

  • Merit, statutory and collective agreement increases, promotions and cost-of-living adjustments
  • Key economic indicators and their impact on salary movements
  • Salary and merit movement overall as well as by employee group
  • Insights on year-over-year market movements
  • Customized peer group and/or industry analyses
  • Pay structure design and salary increase planning
  • Special features, such as remote working arrangements and the impact of inflation
Incentive compensation practices

Ensure your plans drive the right behaviors and appropriately pay for pay performance with decision-grade incentive practices drawn from our market-leading annual incentive plan design and long-term incentive policies and practices reports. Explore data related to:

  • Incentive participation, both eligibility and receivership
  • Annual incentive design (e.g., funding, levels of measurement, metrics)
  • Long-term incentive design (e.g., vehicle mix, cliff/ratable vesting, metrics)
  • Long-term incentive plan-type prevalence (e.g., stock options/SARs, restricted stocks/units, performance cash/shares)
  • Trend lines and levels by salary range, reporting or career level and global grade
Custom Total Rewards studies and pulse survey

Sponsor niche custom studies that deliver specific market insights that are not available publicly in support of business strategies and talent priorities. Innovative thinking coupled with WTW industry and subject matter experts result in:

  • Niche custom surveys tailored to clients’ objectives and content needs
  • A flexible approach (e.g., partnership model, budget, timing)
  • Customized content, design, data collection and reporting
  • Comprehensive data validation and analysis
Organization alignment reviews

Evaluate the overall effectiveness of your organization structures and how works gets done, and underpin your organization design, leveling architecture and career frameworks with custom benchmarking and workforce analytics:

  • Job leveling with a career and global grading system that spans all levels of the organization
  • Job titling by prevalent based on reporting/career level and global grade
  • Headcount distributions by employee category, function and work area
  • Spans of control, manager-to-individual contributor ratios and gap analyses
  • Reporting relationships
  • Compensation costs by employee category, function and work area
  • Gender diversity and age distributions (availability depends on region)

A bespoke combination of comprehensive data, technology and human intelligence from experienced and trusted advisors provides a critical differentiator for organizations as they define the best way to maximize employee compensation. The power of our customized solutions is in the combination of human knowledge plus technology.

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