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Transparency with No Surprises

Understanding U.S. health care costs can be complicated

We can help you educate your U.S.-based employees about their rights and protections and connect them to carrier tools – all while meeting your compliance requirements.

Transparency Bundle

We offer an off-the-shelf solution to connect your employees to information required by Transparency in Coverage rules and the U.S. No Surprises Act.

Our No Surprises website contains videos and descriptions about protections, connects employees to their carrier resources – like price transparency tools – and allows them to compare costs before they receive care.

An example of our off-the-shelf website as viewed on browser and mobile
A No Surprises Website to educate your employees and meet your compliance requirements.

This bundle provides:

  • Education for your U.S. employees about their rights and protections in an easy-to-understand format
  • A website built through WTW’s Embark platform and branded to your organization (complete with examples, videos, links to your carriers and more)
  • Consumer campaign materials (home mailer, postcard, e-card and Q&A)
  • A place for you to satisfy the compliance requirement of making the No Surprises disclosure notice publicly available

How it works

  1. You provide your brand colors, logo and link(s) to carrier tools
  2. We create the materials for your review
  3. You provide sign off and distribute to your employees

Speak to an expert today and have your No Surprises website ready to go in 3-4 weeks!

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