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Sustainable Investing: Measure, Engage, and Invest

Sustainable Investing: Assessing the risks and opportunities in retirement and investment programs

We aim to deliver exceptional outcomes for clients by harnessing our investment expertise, collaborative culture & collective knowledge to keep ahead of industry and regulatory trends.

We have long believed in the importance of sustainable investment (SI), and are proud to have worked with many corporate plan sponsors along their journey including:

  • Building SI and environmental, social and governance (ESG) knowledge and beliefs
  • Integrating SI into the investment process, including manager selection, asset allocation and portfolio construction
  • Measurement, monitoring and reporting to track progress

Our solutions

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    Measure to manage

    • SI Analytics: Assess manager and portfolio sustainability credentials, tracking progress over time across key climate/environmental, social and governance metrics. Inclusive of educational support. Download a sample.
    • DEI Assessment: Examine the diversity of asset managers across ownership and investment team via WTW’s proprietary diversity tools. Download a sample.
    • Investment Manager SI Assessment: Review and understand your managers’ approach to ESG via our dedicated research assessments on integration and stewardship (including voting where relevant). WTW’s manager research process formally integrates an assessment of how the asset manager, and the product specifically, incorporates SI factors in the investment approach. Key information on resources, policies and engagement activities including examples, are included. Download a sample.
    • Investment Committee tools: Turn the lens internally to understand gaps in views or styles. Our survey tools will assess diversity, cognitive diversity, and team roles and recommend evolutions in process to consider. It will also include peer grouping and benchmarking of IC diversity as universe data collection grows. Download Diverse decision making tools.
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    • Use SI and DEI analytics to drive change, holding managers accountable to facilitate progress and keep pace.
    • Leverage investment committee assessment to shape future membership, filling gaps across team roles, and integrate inclusive meeting practices.
    • Join Thinking Ahead Institute, WTW’s not for profit research hub which provides a spectrum of engagement options. Harness the power of collective thought leadership and influence the research agenda, co-create intellectual capital, and develop proprietary investment tools and practical solutions.
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    • Discretionary investment portfolios that integrate sustainability throughout the investment process elevating risk management and taking advantage of return opportunities.
    • Specialist funds and strategies which may integrate thematic ESG exposures, active stewardship, and/or robust sustainability credentials. Provides exposures to differentiated return and risk drivers with the additional benefit of positive long-term implications.
    • Climate Transition Index We’ve developed the STOXX WTW Climate Transition Index (CTI) in partnership with STOXX – a systematic, transparent way for investors to incorporate climate transition risk into their investment decisions.
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