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Benefits Enrollment

Optimize your benefits enrollment experience to gain the understanding, appreciation and utilization your programs deserve.

The research is clear - benefits are one of the most powerful tools to attract and retain talent, as well as support a high-performing workforce. Together, we can level-up your employees' enrollment experience to meet the diverse needs of your workforce and make the most of your once-a-year opportunity to drive understanding, awareness, and appreciation of your offerings.

Drive value while optimizing cost

Invest in offerings that employee truly value and help them make smart care and coverage decisions

Integrate and support wellbeing

Demonstrate your commitment to supporting employees' mental health and overall wellbeing

Enhance the experience

Deliver a personalized experience that meets the diverse needs of your workforce

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    Drive value while optimizing cost

    Rising global healthcare costs present a significant challenge for both organizations and their people. It's important to identify how to manage costs effectively, while continuing to invest in programs and offerings that truly matter to your workforce and support their diverse needs.

    Leverage listening tools to design your programs to align with what employees want and differentiate your offerings to support your talent strategy. This will enable you to maximize the value that your benefits spend delivers and eliminate underutilized programs that are not serving you or your people.

    You can also empower employees to take charge of their health by helping them navigate their care and plan options and make informed decisions that prevent un-necessary costs and lead to high-quality care for their situation.

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    Integrate and support wellbeing

    Use Benefits Enrollment as an opportunity to demonstrate a genuine commitment to supporting the wellbeing of your workforce. This can include highlighting how employees can leverage your curated benefits programs and offerings to care for their emotional, financial, physical and social wellbeing.

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    Enhance the experience

    The foundational elements of a great enrollment experience are providing personalized information that helps employees understand the benefits and plans available to them and equipping them to make informed enrollment decisions that will serve themselves and their family well in the coming year. The ability to deliver this enhanced experience also hinges on how well you support your people through any changes being made to their benefits programs and offerings.

WTW Annual Enrollment Stories

Clients and participants share their feedback from their annual enrollment experience.


A better virtual benefits fair experience

Reach each employee with an immersive experience that engages them in their benefits decisions and increases their appreciation for your benefits offering

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