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Specialty insurance trading differently

January 11, 2024

Global specialty – the specialist markets across the world that include the London market, Bermuda, Singapore, reinsurance, ILS, legacy and specialist US markets – is undergoing transformational change, and firms operating in this market will leave the 2020’s looking very different from the way they arrived.
Insurance Consulting and Technology
Trading Differently

How are we trading differently? Richard Clarkson, Global Market Leader — Global Specialty elaborates on the future of trading differently

In this video Richard Clarkson, Global Market Leader, Global Specialty, explores the future of trading for speciality markets, which are at an inflection point, with change being driven by the transformation of the data assets that support these firms.

The ability to bring together new techniques to aggregate, interrogate and analyse data fundamentally changes not only the data assets, but also how organisations operating in this space are supported across pricing, underwriting, portfolio management and exposure management.

As all the facets driving change and transforming the market come together, we’re seeing better ways of matching risk to capital evolve. This makes for a more efficient and effective marketplace, and radically alters the look of global speciality firms.

Watch the video to find out more.

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