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From Crisis to Control: A Strategic Approach to Managing Flooding Risk

January 16, 2024

Explore the evolving risk landscape of flooding, covering river flooding, flash floods, and storm surges in our latest report. Gain insights into risk quantification, real-world case studies and innovative solutions for informed decision-making.
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Flooding incidents, exacerbated by rising global temperatures, pose risks such as river flooding, flash floods, and storm surges.

With 1.8 billion people, constituting 23% of the world's population, residing in flood-prone areas, the potential impact is substantial.[1]

We delved deeper into these challenges during our recent webinar on October 26, 2023. Our discussions covered a range of topics, including various flood types, the impact of climate change, methods for quantifying risks and projecting losses, real-world risk analysis, catastrophe modeling instances, parametric insurance solutions, and the latest research shaping advanced risk decision-making.

Our goal is to assist clients in navigating the dynamic risk landscape and devising effective risk management strategies in response to the escalating threats posed by floods.

Webinar recording

WTW Webinar Recording – 26 October 2023

Discover our comprehensive report, offering insights into the pivotal discussions and key takeaways from the webinar.

This report serves as a strategic guide, equipping organizations with insights to navigate the evolving risk landscape and formulate effective risk management strategies amid the escalating threats presented by floods.

By incorporating the findings from our recent webinar, organizations can proactively enhance their resilience, optimize insurance coverage, and make informed decisions to protect assets in the face of mounting flood risks.

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  1. Flood risk already affects 1.81 billion people. Climate change and unplanned urbanization could worsen exposure. Return to article


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