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Infographic: Employers move to tackle healthcare affordability

Findings from the 2022 Emerging Trends in Healthcare Survey

May 26, 2022

As inflation and provider consolidation drives up the cost of healthcare, organizations are prioritizing affordability. Discover the actions they are planning to take to address this challenge.
Health and Benefits
Infographic: Employers move to tackle healthcare affordability

Managing healthcare benefit costs is the top priority for 94% of employers*

Biggest challenge to effectively deliver on healthcare strategy, 73% said increasing healthcare prices due to rising inflation or provider consolidation

*over next 2 years

Nearly 2/3 of employers will take action to address affordability over next 2 years

Main focus:

  • 48% low-wage workers
  • 40% employees with chronic conditions

Approaches include:

  • 55% improving quality and outcomes to lower overall costs
  • 41% Adding/Enhancing low- or no-cost coverage for certain benefits
  • 36% changing plan design
  • 34% Adding/Enhancing vendor solutions and voluntary benefits in case of a catastrophic event

95% of employers expect to further boost their affordability efforts with virtual medical and behavioral healthcare

61% look to offer lower member cost sharing for using virtual care by end of 2023

55% expect virtual care model to lower healthcare costs over next 3 to 5 years

Actions you can take now!

  • Evaluate healthcare affordability across all workforce segments
  • Assess how design changes, such as salary banded contributions or narrow provider networks, could make healthcare affordable for low-wage workers
  • Evaluate if a quality-based steerage and/or navigation program strategy could lower your overall costs
  • Assess how to expend the use of virtual care to better manage costs
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