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Infographic: More than half of employees open to leaving employer

Findings from the 2022 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey

April 13, 2022

A majority of U.S. employees are either looking for new opportunities or at risk of leaving their employer. Discover employees’ key considerations when weighing job options.
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More than half of employees open to leaving employer - description below

Employers face substantial risk of employee departure. 53% are either actively looking for new opportunities or at risk of leaving. 13% plan to leave/looking for a career change; 15% plan to leave/looking for a new employer; 25% plan to stay but feel stuck/would leave for right offer; 47% plan to stay/not open to offers.

Two-fifths of employees would leave for a 5% pay increase. 1 in 5 would leave for same pay.

Employee considerations when weighing job options. Top reasons for staying: 39% - pay and bonus, 38% - job security, 34% - health benefits, 29% flexible work. Top reasons for moving to a new job: 56% - pay and bonus, 39% - health benefits, 33% - job security, 31% - flexible work.

Health and retirement benefits are growing in importance as attraction and retention tools. An important reason to join: retirement plan - 2010: 25%, 2022: 47%, healthcare plan - 2010: 32%, 2022: 48%. An important reason to stay: retirement plan - 2010: 41%, 2022: 60%, healthcare plan - 2010: 50%, 2022: 60%. (Note: Percentages indicate "agree" or "strongly agree")

When benefits meet employee needs employers see a boost in retention. Would like to remain with my employer for the next 2 years*: 51% do not meet needs, 81% meet needs. Gap 30%. (*Agree or strongly agree)

Actions you can take now

Measure the competitiveness of your Total Rewards, including benefit package, especially retirement and healthcare plans, against that of your talent competitors

Implement employee listening strategies to gather insights to understand the perceptions and needs of employees and develop strategies to retain highly valued and at-risk talent

Boost employee communication to promote the employee value proposition. Deliver personalized communication to demonstrate the value of Total Rewards programs

Assess the effectiveness of your Total Rewards, including benefit programs, to identify opportunities to address personal circumstances and support employees in making informed benefit decisions

Review job design to define new ways of working and define the combination of remote, hybrid and onsite work that both managers and employees regard as effective; use this model to establish clear work boundaries and methods for building team connections

Source: 2022 Global Benefits Attitude Survey

About the survey: A total of 9,658 U.S. employees from large and midsize private employers participated in the survey, which was conducted during December 2021 and January 2022.

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