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Infographic: Employers step up actions to respond to pandemic

September 21, 2021

As the pandemic evolves, explore the latest actions companies are taking to develop an effective return-to-work strategy and keep their workers — and workplaces — safe and healthy.
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Risque de pandémie
Panel 1: Employers continue to take measures to encourage employee vaccinations - Description Below

88% flexible scheduling to facilitate vaccination, 62% paid time off to get vaccinated, 59% additional leave for employees with negative reactions. Half of employers provide or plan to provide on site or near site vaccination.
*Data collected prior to federal vaccine mandate and accompanying paid time off requirements

Panel 2: The number of companies with one or more workplace vaccination requirements was set to double by Q4 even before new federal mandate - 9% spring 2021, 21% summer 2021, 29% took action or planning in Q3, 52% took action planning or considering in Q4. 44% require or are looking to require vaccination to enter the workplace. 37% require or are looking to require vaccination as a condition of employment.

Tracking vaccination status: 59% currently tracking 19% planning or considering. Requiring proof: 62% require proof such as completed CDC vaccination card, 36% rely on employee self-reporting, 75% collect information internally and not through a vendor.

Panel 3: Employers are also taking additional actions to promote a safe and healthy workplace.
Use workplace exposure tracing to alert employees to potential exposure: 75% action taken, 8% planning or considering. Require masks indoors at any of their locations: 80% action taken, 13% planning or considering. 11% of organizations required testing at work or at home to enter the workplace. Of these, 46% test only unvaccinated employees

Panel 4: Actions to consider in response to an evolving pandemic. The Delta variant has prompted many employers to reconsider their workplace reopening plans. Expectations for when employers will reach their new normal have shifted: Already reached new normal: 8% spring 2021, 15% summer 2021; Q3 2021: 29% spring 2021, 3% summer 2021;  Q4 2021: 29% spring 2021, 16% summer 2021; Q1 2022: 23% spring 2021;  26% summer 2021; Q2 2022 or later: 10% spring 2021, 39% summer 2021

As you reassess your own organizations plans for a return to the workplace consider the following:
Are you already making it easy for employees to get vaccinated? Consider offering scheduling flexibility pay for time spent getting vaccinated additional leave for negative reactions it possible financial incentives.

How will you comply with new OSHA regulations mandating either vaccine or testing? How will you verify vaccination? What type of testing will you offer?

Review and update as necessary your requirements for masks in indoors workspaces, exposure tracing, and testing.

Monitor state and local laws and requirements.

Evaluate opportunities to improve workplace ventilation.

Source: Summer 2021 COVID-19 Vaccination and Reopening the Workplace Survey conducted between August 18 and 25, 2021.

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