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Workers Compensation Diagnostic

Our solutions-oriented tool assesses your claims handling process and evaluates the efficiency of your workers compensation program, identifying ways to reduce future losses.

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Workers Compensation Diagnostic (WCD) evaluates your loss history across nine key metrics. For each metric, we compare your experience across WTW's proprietary database of claims and exposures, diagnosing your strengths and weaknesses. The tool also evaluates the projected financial impact of various prospective cost containment solutions.

Our precise evaluation of your claims efficiency:

  • Delivers a tailored benchmark for your workers compensation loss experience.
  • Provides an interactive diagnostic used by our internal claims experts to identify areas of needed refinement and extra attention/resource, such as loss drivers and process gaps.
  • Interactively quantifies the benefit of customized pre- and post-loss risk services and cost containment solutions.
  • Forecasts claims for evaluation and the financial benefits of claims services over a three-year horizon.
screen shot of tool
Workers Compensation Diagnostic tool screenshot

Why should you use Workers’ Compensation Diagnostic?

  • To analyze opportunities for reducing future and historical claims costs.
  • To proactively implement safety practices and identify areas for improvement.
  • To diagnostically evaluate claims experience of certain segments of your business.
  • To benefit from predictive analytics in identification of specific claims or drivers of adverse loss outcomes.
screen shot of tool
Workers Compensation Diagnostic tool screenshot

When should you use the Workers Compensation Diagnostic?

  • To evaluate your retained loss experience when planning for budgets, accruals and insurance renewals
  • Throughout the year to evaluate internal and third-party claims vendors
  • To identify adverse loss trends by state or subsidiary

What can you do with the information gained from Workers Compensation Diagnostic?

  • Implement procedures to reduce workers compensation costs
  • Evaluate specific prospective pre- and post-loss claims management solutions
screen shot of tool
Workers Compensation Diagnostic tool screenshot
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