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Stock throughput for food, beverage and agriculture

Food and beverage supply chain losses can fall through the gaps between property, cargo and storage cover. Stock throughput removes any doubt as to where coverage falls, providing seamless farm-to-table cover.

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With food and beverage often travelling a long way from where it’s grown, every transport, storage, processing and delivery link in the chain brings its own risks and exposures.

Depending on where a loss happens, it can be uncertain whether the property or cargo policies will cover the loss.

Stock throughput insurance eliminates that problem, replacing multiple covers with one end-to-end policy that protects your goods through all stages of their journey.

As well as removing gaps in cover, it can also help reduce the overall cost of insurance and release capacity in property programs.

Stock throughput can be an excellent option for:

  • Retailers buying food and drink from producers and processors around the world
  • Manufacturers with long, global supply chains
  • Importers, exporters and distributors with complex logistics and storage needs

Our cargo team's expertise

WTW is one of the world’s longest established marine cargo brokers.

We have more than 200 specialists who specialize in providing industry-specific cover for clients.

The team is experienced in placing stock throughput programs with marine markets world-wide.

How we can help

Customizable farm-to-table cover

Customizable farm-to-table cover

Stock throughput policies provide all risks cover for physical loss or damage, including sourcing of raw materials and ingredients through to sale of finished products to the end consumer.

Our broking experts can help you customize terms to meet your individual business needs and exposures.

Controlling the cost of insurance

Controlling the cost of insurance

We can help you optimize programs, replacing several covers with one.

This can make administration and claims handling easier and potentially reduce the overall cost of insurance, especially at a time of high property premiums.

Protection for the full cost of losses

Protection for the full cost of losses

Goods can be insured for the selling price, rather than their value as a material, so claims cover the real extent of losses including profit.

Deductibles are generally lower than in property policies, so you don't need to retain as much risk.

What can be covered by stock throughput insurance

  • Any raw materials, ingredients, works in progress, finished goods, packaging material, or equipment used in the food, beverage and agriculture industry.
  • International and inland transits by any mode of transport.
  • Goods while they are being stored, processed or manufactured.
  • All locations, including unnamed third party warehouses and premises.
  • All risks cover, from fire and theft to natural catastrophe.
  • Large global earthquake, windstorm and flood limits.

How does stock throughput affect business interruption cover?

Stock throughput does not provide business interruption (BI) cover, but a valuation based on sales price provides a buffer against loss of profits.

You may also be able to amend your property policy so that it continues to cover business interruption caused by damage to stock.

Talk to our specialists listed at the top of this page for the smarter way to mitigate, manage or transfer your storage and transit risks.


WTW offers insurance-related services through its appropriately licensed and authorised companies in each country in WTW operates. For further authorisation and regulatory details about our WTW legal entities, operating in your country, please refer to our WTW website. It is a regulatory requirement for us to consider our local licensing requirements.

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