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Rx Collaborative

The Rx Collaborative is the largest pharmacy coalition in the U.S. with over $6.5B in drug costs.

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25% Employers can save up to 25% annually on drug costs

Why Rx Collaborative?

We represent over 425 employers with approximately $6.5 billion in drug spend and 5.2 million members. Our collective purchasing power and expertise enable us to provide you with financial savings, transparency in pricing, pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) oversight and innovative programs and services unsurpassed in today's marketplace.

The Rx Collaborative offers arrangements with four premier PBMs.

Logos of the four PBM's: Capital Rx, CVS Health, Express Scripts and Optum Rx
Our four premier pharmacy benefits managers.

With our highly competitive deal terms and cutting-edge clinical and program management, you can achieve significant savings that will immediately impact your bottom line.

Rx Collaborative benefits

Employer savings

Rx Collaborative deal terms, along with an active pharmacy management strategy, can save your organization to 25% of current drug costs.

Dedicated expertise

Rx Collaborative clients have dedicated pharmacists, actuaries, health management and pharmacy consultants, health care technology specialists and pricing experts at their fingertips.

Enhanced service delivery

We advocate on your behalf so that you receive superior account management service and issue resolution support.

Exclusive access

Employers receive exclusive access to best practices, market-leading programs and premier services.

Program flexibility

Maintain program flexibility to select the right design, formulary and clinical management approaches for your organization.

If your company has more than 1,000 employees and is eligible for a PBM contract renewal, contact us at for a free Rx Collaborative savings analysis. If your company has fewer than 1,000 employees, please visit our Attune Rx page.

More information

Rx Collaborative savings analysis

If your company has more than 1,000 employees in your pharmacy benefit, then contact us for an RxC savings analysis.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM)?

A PBM is an organization that manages pharmaceutical benefits for employers, managed care organizations or other medical providers. PBM activities may include all or some of the following:

  • Benefit plan design
  • Claims processing (also known as claims adjudication)
  • Creation and administration of retail/mail networks
  • Drug utilization review
  • Formulary management
  • Prior authorization
  • Disease and health management

What are the advantages of using a PBM?

  • Pharmacy management is the focus of pharmacy vendors (i.e., PBMs).
  • The carve-out solution continues to resonate with employers as PBMs provide a strong value proposition in managing pharmacy
  • Financial arrangements are typically backed by guarantees
  • Designated account management team includes clinical pharmacist support
  • Greater opportunity for transparency
  • More flexibility and greater control over pharmacy benefit
  • Retail pharmacy network options
  • Formulary options with rebates
  • Communication support
  • Strong reporting, including online access and web-enabled capabilities

What is a carve-out pharmacy benefit arrangement?

A pharmacy carve-out pharmacy arrangement is when pharmacy benefits are separated from medical benefits and are managed outside of an organization’s primary medical health plan vendor. This approach is self-insured, and an employer works directly with a PBM to administer and manage the pharmacy benefits.

What is a group purchasing pharmacy benefit coalition?

A pharmacy benefit group purchasing employer coalition leverages their members’ combined purchasing power to obtain maximum discounts from their PBM vendor partners for all its members. The group’s collective buying power far exceeds what any one company can generate on its own and can provide savings by being a part of the coalition. In addition, the combined size leads to better account management and services. What differentiates the Rx Collaborative in the market are the superior services and expertise available to its members.

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