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Quick Launch Insurance

Opening the door to complex insurance products that strengthen your brand.

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Many insurers face challenges launching new products

Cutting-edge products, including Fixed Indexed Annuities and Indexed Universal Life, are among the fastest-growing products in the life insurance industry, and many small to midsize companies are hearing requests for these products from their distributors. Unfortunately, developing and supporting these complex products present significant operational challenges. Not only are they difficult to price and administrate, they require sophisticated and costly technical capabilities. The economies of scale required for success have made investment in product development risky for new entrants into these markets.

The value of Quick Launch Insurance

Willis Towers Watson’s Quick Launch Insurance opens the door to complex insurance products. Quick Launch Insurance is a unique service in the industry that provides insurers with a platform to connect the right entities with the right expertise, allowing companies to quickly, successfully and cost-efficiently enter new product markets.

Market forces are driving the need for entry

  1. 01

    Low interest rates make fixed-rate products difficult to sell

  2. 02

    Volatile equity markets reveal variable products’ principal and return risk

  3. 03

    Demand for revenue growth and lower risk strategies is increasing

  4. 04

    Competition to attract and retain distribution continues to grow

A distinctive offering that promotes a win-win

Uniquely positioned in the market as a service and reinsurance broking organization, Willis Towers Watson provides both the skills and connections needed to bring small to midsize organizations and leading insurance product manufacturers together. Combining our advanced product expertise and our strong reinsurance programs, we are able to create a win-win for both organizations.

The benefits of a custom built product, but without the risk

Enables the insurer to issue and profit from its own branded and competitive product at a fraction of the investment and ongoing expense. 10% the cost of developing a product alone.

Greatly increases access to market and the start of revenue flow in as little as a few months. Break even on a new indexed product initiative is estimated at five to seven years for insurers doing their own build.

Eliminates the significant risk of a failed or uncompetitive product launch.

Brings current best practices and innovative methods into your company.

Products are state-of-the-art and competitive with best-in-class contracts currently available.

Insurer reaps significant and essentially riskless fee income on all premium.

Enhances agent recruitment and retention.

All administration, hedging, marketing materials, actuarial demonstrations and issue documents are provided for branding to the insurer.

Willis Towers Watson supports the insurer’s filing process and staff, and field training on the product.

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