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M&A insurance and risk management advisory

Partnering with alternative asset funds and direct investors to drive profitable investments through a fully integrated M&A team executing across insurance and employee benefits delivering resources throughout the investment cycle.

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Understanding the investment and industry risk

  • Dedicated team of professionals, operating on one platform, focused on serving alternative asset management funds and their portfolio companies.
  • Our global team has worked on thousands of transactions across industry sectors and geographic borders participating in every deal phase, from target evaluation through due diligence to post-deal implementation.

Driving profitable investments

  • Understand how risk and benefits impacts returns across all industries regardless of size.
  • In-house marketing/placement function leverages negotiations to achieve the most auspicious price.
  • Analytical tools that provide insurance decision support on catastrophe modeling (earthquake, windstorm, etc.), loss forecasting, cyber related breach impact and more.

Offering a fully integrated M&A team

  • Highly experienced international team:
    200 dedicated professionals, backed by 39,000 expert associates, operating across 400 offices in 120 countries
  • Expertise gained through several thousand transactions of experience enables us to anticipate and move quickly
  • We are the one-stop-shop for private equity and direct investor clients – we work with you to navigate all facets of insurance in the scope of a M&A transaction.

1,000+ M&A projects every year globally

400+ Covering PE firms worldwide

400+ of combined experience, focusing on financial and people risk, the make-or-break piece of most deals

We offer a process and solutions that assist in protecting your investment.

We work the way our private equity and direct investor clients do – underlining accuracy, focusing on value added and paying attention to tight deadlines.

What is our investment life cycle?

  1. Pre acquisition due diligence risk review
  2. Transactional insurance
  3. Fund liability and portfolio purchasing protection
  4. Stewardship and reporting

Whether you're a corporate acquirer looking to achieve long-term strategic integration or a private equity firm with a shorter investment time horizon, we will help you protect against downside financial risk.

We are ready to work with you throughout your deal making journey and help you make your transaction a success.

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