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Delegated Investment Services

WTW’s Delegated Investment Solutions are designed to target improved financial outcomes, meet the time and experience requirements of running an investment portfolio, and deliver institutional investors value for their money.

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An OCIO (outsourced chief investment officer) model delegates implementation of the agreed investment strategy to our investment professionals. We believe it gives you access to more efficient portfolios, our best investment ideas, real-time decision making, and relieves the governance constraints of the investment committee.

Investors' decision-making processes have a material impact on their long-term financial outcomes. We know, funds of all sizes can be effective decision makers, but when combined with substantial scale they will be more likely to achieve their investment goals. We have worked with, advised and learned from some of the largest and most successful institutional investors in the world, and developed a delegated model that provides clients with the very best of what we have learned.

Why Willis Towers Watson?

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    Financial outcomes

    For many institutional investors, funding levels have gone sideways, despite strong returns and substantial contributions. We help provide greater control over funding level risk by targeting more return for the risk taken, and access to a wider set of return-seeking assets. Our integrated decision-making process enables us to find value in surprising places, ideas that may be overlooked as they don’t fit into well-known investment categories.

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    Time and experience

    By delegating the execution and implementation to us, investment committees can focus their time on making strategic decisions, overseeing the plan sponsor and managing the plans’ stakeholders. Delegated portfolios are supported by more than 45 Portfolio Management Group colleagues, a 200-strong operational team and informed by four research teams comprising more than 100 researchers and economists. (Source: WTW Personnel as of June 30, 2022)

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    Value for money

    Aggregation creates the scale to drive real value for money. Our collective buying power places us in a stronger position to negotiate a better fee deal on behalf of all our delegated clients, no matter their size. Scale also allows us to influence product design. We research and identify what we believe is the most attractive risk-adjusted returns and partner with selected asset managers to develop innovative products that suit our clients’ needs.

Our delegated clients enjoy the full spectrum of our Sustainable Investment approach, from the genesis and assessment of investment ideas, through portfolio construction, to the way in which we monitor the performance of our clients' funds.

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