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Construction Safety and Risk Control

Our team provides specialized workers comp, general liability, auto liability and builders risk solutions to North American contractors.

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We specialize in eight core areas of construction risk control including:

  1. 01

    Senior management ownership and participation

  2. 02

    Risk identification and analysis to identify risk control gaps and predict loss

  3. 03

    Task design (engineering controls and design for safety)

  4. 04

    Safe work methods (planning and validation)

  5. 05

    Promotion of employee engagement, involvement and participation

  6. 06

    Safety training and validation of training (craft and leadership programs)

  7. 07

    Subcontractor management

  8. 08

    Emergency and crisis management

Our primary approach is to partner with your organization to help you:

  • Identify and address potential risk control gaps
  • Define underlying risk control issues including potential opportunities and threats
  • Design prioritized performance improvement strategies, considering all options, to deliver maximum return on effort
  • Provide meaningful analytical data on your performance compared to peers and the industry
  • Deliver measurable performance improvement and cost savings

Our mission is to assist clients in understanding risks while minimizing the potential for losses to personnel, property and the public. Our ultimate goal is making your organization more appealing to insurance carriers, project owners and the general public. We do this through education, networking, and the continuous development of risk control best management practices.

In North America, our products are offered through licensed subsidiaries of Willis North America Inc., such as Willis Towers Watson Northeast, Inc. and Willis of Canada, Inc.

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