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Claims Consulting

We help insurers to improve their claims performance to gain competitive advantage.

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The strategic use of claims data, analytics and automation provides a pathway not only to better claims outcomes, but also to improved pricing, reserving and capital management. Our claims consulting solutions help insurers to unlock the value in their claims data and their claims management processes through:

Claims consulting and data strategy
  • Consulting and analytical solutions aimed at cost optimisation (both indemnity cost and operational expense), enabling digital transformation, ensuring case reserving adequacy and effective counter fraud management.
  • We bring market-wide perspectives and experience to issues of strategic direction, change programme management, operational and technical excellence, and supplier procurement, helping to ensure that insurers’ most important client touchpoint is not only cost effective, efficient and customer centric but supports wider business improvements and insight.
  • We help insurers to develop the optimal claims data asset to support essential insight generation, to enable process automation and to deliver a richer and real-time view on claims performance for claims operational, pricing, underwriting, reserving and capital teams.
Advanced analytics

We bring predictive modelling know-how and wide experience of data, claims processing and analytics strategies that make a difference in decision making. We know the key areas to target with analytics developments, and how to get the most from machine learning and unstructured claims data where they add value, so that management information, real-time decision support and transition to automation support the needs of claims handlers and management teams.


We deliver intelligent claims automation with our proven software suite, including our real-time, scalable decision-making platform, Radar. Our technology enables multiple sophisticate claims analytics models to be hosted in this one platform where they can also be scenario tested, monitored, rapidly updated and augmented with business rules. Dynamic dashboarding supports the analysis.

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