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Airline Insurance

WTW is a world leading risk adviser to the global airline industry, providing innovative aviation insurance solutions passenger airlines, cargo airlines and private aircraft owners.

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We pride ourselves on looking beyond the scope of the insurance transaction to address a much broader spectrum of risk that airlines typically face.

Our risk advice is built on many years of deep client engagement.This approach has provided insight into your industry’s issues and has led to the creation of customised solutions for cyber and data vulnerability, customer acquisition and retention and your people and talent management to complement our transactional broking expertise.

40% of IATA's airline members are WTW Global Aviation & Space clients

*Percentage of airline clients with IATA membership, excluding those who were sanctioned or had gone into administration as of December 2023.

Why WTW Airlines?

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Knowledge and experience

Strategic understanding based on deep experience within the team, evidenced by the breadth of our airline portfolio and the complimentary services we can provide.

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Supporting you at critical times

Clear, effective advice and guidance in the event of a major loss, minimizing damage to your brand. We have successfully managed some of the most complex aviation claims within the industry.

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Transactional creativity

An innovative approach to pricing structures and coverage enhancements within the aviation insurance market.

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Beyond the transaction

As your risk advisor we have a connected approach to risk, analyzing operational and contractual exposures and enterprise risk opportunities.

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Global capabilities

A global network of 350+ aviation specialists in over 35 locations across the WTW network.

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The power of analytics

Application of risk modelling to quantify retained versus transferable exposure across your operation.


WTW offers insurance-related services through its appropriately licensed and authorised companies in each country in WTW operates. For further authorisation and regulatory details about our WTW legal entities, operating in your country, please refer to our WTW website . It is a regulatory requirement for us to consider our local licensing requirements.

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