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Willis Towers Watson’s Longitude Solution®

Longitude Solution helps employers honor their promise to employees to provide retiree medical coverage using a customized group annuity.

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Retiree Medical Exit Strategy

Longitude Solution is a proprietary offering that uses a customized group annuity to help employers that want to stop providing retiree medical but honor the commitment they made to employees hired when these benefits were provided.

With Longitude, employers gain the ability to fully exit their administrative and financial obligation for retiree medical benefits. Retirees gain secure, nontaxable reimbursement for medical benefits for the rest of their lives from a highly rated insurance company.

Why Willis Towers Watson?

The Longitude Solution is a complete offering supported by Willis Towers Watson’s in-house and outside experts to assist with legal, actuarial and accounting issues affecting evaluation and implementation. We partner with clients to solicit and review insurer pricing following a streamlined and transparent process. We provide communication support so retirees engage and understand their choices and their benefits.

Willis Towers Watson’s Longitude Solution is the only commercially available retiree medical solution in the market today that allows an employer to transfer its financial obligation for providing retiree medical coverage to a third party.

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