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Structure Insurance Score (SIS)

Innovative advanced modeling tool for homeowners insurers to create a competitive advantage.

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The Structure Insurance Score (SIS) allows carriers to differentiate pricing and underwriting on personal property insurance by reflecting detailed structural characteristics.

This score was built collaboratively by Willis Towers Watson and e2Value on a robust database representative of homes across the U.S. and is provided on a subscription basis.

Key features include:

  • The score is calculated using unique building characteristics that have been proven to impact replacement costs above and beyond information typically used by carriers to rate and underwrite property coverage
  • The combination of our advanced modeling capabilities and unique data consideration results in significant lift or improved segmentation
  • The score is generated in real-time so that it can be used in point-of-sale pricing and underwriting
  • We created an exclusive Rating Bureau licensed in over 45 states

Benefits to Insurers

General Underwriting Pricing
Additional management of adverse selection Renewal underwriting Improved association of loss costs with premium charge
Deeper knowledge of the risk being insured Risk acceptability Increased segmentation
More intuitive than rating elements such as credit Company/tier placement Greater pricing accuracy
Title File Type File Size
SIS Brochure PDF .7 MB
SIS Technology Spotlight PDF .3 MB
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