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CyCon – construction cyber risk management solution

Our proposition is thoughtfully designed to support the unique cyber risks clients in the construction industry face every day.

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Cyber risk exposure is a growing concern for the construction sector as the industry continues to migrate to ‘smart’ systems that automate project design, safety management and project delivery.

Why CyCon?

As risks related to digitalization and new technologies are top of mind among global construction executives, cyber loss prevention and mitigation has become mission critical for construction companies. Now more than ever, it’s necessary for the construction industry to have a risk transfer solution, such as CyCon designed to insure against the unique cyber risks faced by the industry.

CyCon is a tailored proposition to the ever-evolving cyber risk landscape of the construction industry. Cyber may be an excluded trigger in other traditional policies and the only way to get that coverage is through CyCon.

How CyCon is different?

Our approach brings together our experts in construction and cyber to provide you with the help you need to identify the unique cyber risk exposures in construction and develop the optimal program to protect your business.

Missed bid loss coverage

Expansion of the insured definition

Third party liability coverage

Coverage for privacy claims

Expansion of the computer system

Damage to first and third party property due to a cyber incident

Downstream contractual penalty coverage

Expansion of the business interruption incident owners

Sub-limited coverage for project participant contractors

How WTW can help?

As a global leader in human capital solutions, risk advisory and broking, we have developed a suite of offerings ranging from risk identification and assessment tools to core analytics, risk transfer and post-breach crisis management solutions.

Our holistic vision will provide end-to end solutions to mitigate your cyber risk.

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