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Cyber Work Readiness Diagnostic

As the global work environment continues to evolve, cyber risks do as well. Therefore, organizations need forward-thinking talent management strategies that address this new reality, particularly in IT departments and cyber defense centers.

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The future of work demands cyber readiness

Year after year, more than half of cyber incidents are due to negligent or accidental employee behavior, according to Willis Towers Watson cyber claims data. These statistics highlight the need for organizations to win the “war” to recruit, retain and train key cybersecurity talent.

Truly effective cybersecurity requires constant organizational readiness that only adapatable and skilled information security professionals can provide. Talent shortages and growing gaps in critical skills make attaining this state a significant hurdle for many organizations.

Boards of directors, management, chief information security officers (CISOs) and chief human resource officers (CHROs) require strategies to define the changing scope and impact of cyber work.

How the Cyber Work Readiness Diagnostic can help

Willis Towers Watson’s Cyber Work Readiness Diagnostic (CWRD) is an on-site, cyber-function analysis that helps organizations define the nature and scope of their cybersecurity efforts by:

  • Identifying the kinds of activity that their cybersecurity work involves
  • Prioritizing skills and personnel gaps in order to address their most significant workforce vulnerabilities
  • Developing action plans and roadmapping recommendations to align the right cybersecurity personnel to areas of greatest cyber risk
  • Generating a powerful business case for cybersecurity budgets and related resource allocations

Options for deployment

The Cyber Work Readiness Diagnostic is a consultative engagement that can be delivered on-site in one of three ways:

  • Three 2-3 hour meetings with key information security team leaders and other stakeholders
  • A single intensive workshop with the identified leaders and stakeholders
  • Customizable workshop based on an organization’s needs or area(s) of focus

With over 80% of cyber functions anticipating headcount growth and changes to their cyber and IT organization structures, defining the changing scope and impact of cyber work – and identifying the emerging skills and talent gaps – is essential. The Cyber Work Readiness Diagnostic enables organizations to address these important issues.

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