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COVID-19: Global Vaccine Rollout

According to the website Our World in Data, as of June 23, over 2.75 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered globally, the result of the herculean efforts of a myriad of national vaccination programs. However, countries continue to struggle with issues of supply, communication, distribution and general effectiveness as virial variants continue to appear and spread. In addition, distribution of the vaccines has become increasingly uneven. To date, 71 countries have vaccinated at least one million people but five countries account for about two-thirds of all vaccinations administered (with China alone representing 36% of the global total).

Fully vaccinated (world pop.)
Daily doses administered per new case
Total doses administered (millions)
Approved vaccines

Data as at June 23, 2021

Pie chart showing the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations administered
Distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations administered - June 23, 2021

Source: Our World in Data

The global rate of vaccination should accelerate as more countries grant approval for both new and existing vaccines and teething problems surrounding distribution are addressed. Ultimately, it’s a race between national programs and the pace at which the virus spreads and mutates. As of June 23 the average number of daily vaccinations globally was over 40 million (among which, China represents over half) verses over 364,000 daily average cases, which works out to over 111 vaccine doses per new case of COVID-19.

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