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Real Asset Solutions

How can Real Assets have an impact in the community?

Tour a map of the US to see how these investments play a role in people's everyday lives

How can Real Assets make an impact?

Not only do Real Assets bring diversification and different return drivers, but they can also make an impact in the community. Our video explains in greater detail how Real Assets, and in particular our solutions, play a role in people’s everyday lives.

What are Real Assets?

Real assets are the tangible structures and raw materials that support the basic functioning of a productive global economy. They are the properties where we live, work, shop and store goods; the infrastructure assets that provide power and water or that enable transportation and communications; and basic natural resources such as food and heating oil. Ultimately, real assets encompass a broad range of categories such as real estate, infrastructure, natural resources and commodities. It is important to note that while these categories share certain common characteristics, they represent distinct markets with different drivers of risk and return.

Why now is the time for Real Assets

The current market environment has seen consumer prices rising, and in turn the demand for diversification into asset classes that perform well in inflationary environments has continued to increase.

Real Assets, when implemented correctly, can provide:

  • Diversification from broader markets
  • Long-term contractual income, with some inflation-linkages
  • Potential benefits from long-term market trends

Read more about our philosophy on investing in real assets below.

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