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Energy Market Review 2024

Recording of launch event

May 8, 2024

Welcome to the live recording of the 2024 Energy Market Review launch event, exploring the global upstream, downstream, international liability, and North American casualty energy markets.
Energy market review 2024 launch event

Live recording of the Energy Market Review 2024 launch event

Energy market review 2024 launch event

On 16 April we were pleased to be joined by over 300 delegates for the launch of our first Energy Market Review of 2024. During the event we discussed the upstream, downstream and liability markets with a distinguished panel of energy insurance industry experts.

We hope you find the content interesting and insightful. If you have any questions about anything raised, contact us .


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Natural Resources Industry Vertical Leader, North America, WTW

Blake Koen
Managing Director and Global Client Advocate

U.S. Head of Power and Utility Broking, Natural Resources

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