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Crisis Management Annual Review 2024

March 5, 2024

Our latest update on kidnap, extortion, accident and health, active assailant, maritime piracy, terrorism and political violence risks
Geopolitical Risk

Our 2024 Crisis Management Annual Review provides insights from our regional crisis management specialists and features key topics and trends revealed by our in-house risk advisory and crisis support service, Alert:24. The review includes perspectives on the kidnap, extortion, accident and health, active assailant, maritime piracy, terrorism and political violence risks that are likely to characterize the year ahead.

A look back over 2023

A year dominated by conflict in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine, as well as regional crises in North Africa and political unrest in Latin America, 2023 has certainly been a challenging year for many of our clients to navigate. Throughout 2023, particularly in the latter stages of the year, there was a feeling that global geopolitical events had the very real ability to escalate even further and, as a result, deteriorate the security situation in several countries and their surrounding regions.

Some notable themes from this year's review include the impact of people movements, the increase in active assailant incidents in Europe and the resurgence of state and technology supported terrorism.

A look toward 2024

2024 has been dubbed the 'year of elections' and we look at how this may impact the ability to operate around the globe, whether through geopolitical consequences, civil conflict or economic instability.

The summer of 2024 sees the world of sport focused on Paris for the XXXIII Olympic Games, and our own focus on the games is included in the review. We also look at the terrorism landscape, with some insight into the evolving and diverse threats that could dominate terrorism activities in the year ahead.

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