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Knowledge sessions on operational risk

November 3, 2023

A series of educational videos answering FAQs on risk and insurance. Our risk teams show how they can offer insights into analytical, consultative, data-driven solutions for understanding organizational risk.
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Knowledge Session Series

  1. 01

    Knowledge session 1: Why is it important to align insurance to risk?

    In the first session from our series of knowledge sessions on operational risk, Laura Kelly and Alicia Birchall take us through reasoning on why it is important to align insurance to risk.

    Alicia discusses three angles to review risk-sensitive insurance optimisation, specifically; Language, Cost and Appetite.

  2. 02

    Knowledge session 2: Qualitative Claims Analysis

    Our Client Insights & Analysis team discuss the function of the claims database.

    Chris Parkin provides an explanation on what they do, what data points are recorded and how they organise the database to be used by our Operational Risk Solutions team.

  3. 03

    Knowledge session 3: Operational Risk Solutions

    Rithika Prasad presents this knowledge session on how the Operational Risk Solutions team utilise the extensive claims data provided by the Client Insights & Analysis team.

    The session explains how analysis of the data can be used to offer bespoke and comprehensive insurance strategies and buying.


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Operational Risk Solutions

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