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The future of artificial intelligence in senior living

Pioneering benefits and acknowledging evolutionary risk

By Rhonda DeMeno | August 14, 2023

The number of potential artificial intelligent applications for providing senior care services continues to rise. Understanding the use and applications will require time and research.
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a significant field since the mid-20th century, with early work by Alan Mathison Turing in 1935. The Stanford University Medical Experimental — Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) was created in 1973 to enhance networking among clinical and biomedical researchers.

Since then, deep learning and AI modeling have made numerous discoveries. Due to a dramatic increase in the aging population, longer life expectancy, and chronic conditions, seniors are needing to determine their best living situation that provides both safety and care. Many seniors will want to continue to live independently or seek senior living options where the setting may offer care in service offerings.

AI has become an excellent solution to augment care and allow a resident to age in place. AI can augment care, assist with staffing shortages, and streamline care delivery. AI monitoring systems can comprehensively view resident activity patterns and environmental factors, promoting healthy aging.

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