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Infographic: U.S. employers prioritize new and enhanced healthcare vendor solutions

Findings from the 2022 Vendor Strategy Survey

February 2, 2023

Improving workforce wellbeing and enhancing employee experience are top goals when employers review their vendor strategies. Discover actions you can take to improve your vendor solutions.
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Infographic: U.S. employers prioritize new and enhanced healthcare vendor solutions

9 in 10 employers use their vendor strategy to achieve these goals*

  • Improve workforce wellbeing
  • Enhance employee experience
  • Support attraction and retention goals
  • Reduce medical claim costs

Most sought-after capabilities of new vendor partners*

  • Ability to address a broad range of needs: 86%
  • Ability to integrate with existing vendors: 86%
  • Access to innovative approaches and leading the market: 84%
  • Guaranteed return on investment: 78%

ROI is a key metric in evaluating benefits, yet 44% of employers say vendor reporting lacks employer-specific ROI.

*Important or very important

Mental health and wellbeing solutions remain key areas of focus for 2024

  Ranked 1st Ranked 2nd Ranked 3rd
Mental health 30% 24% 12%
General wellbeing (wellness platforms) 22% 14% 16%
Navigation/Advocacy 14% 5% 9%
Musculoskeletal 9% 10% 9%
Financial wellbeing 6% 15% 20%

Engaging members is a key challenge*

  • Low member engagement: 56%
  • Lack of internal resources to manage solutions: 48%
  • Too many solutions/vendor partners: 41%
  • Lack of outcomes measurement to assess value: 41%

*Respondents selected at most three options

Employers are taking action to boost engagement

  • Customize communication: 78%
  • Distribute vendor materials: 66%
  • Communicate beyond open enrollment period: 62%
  • Use multichannel communication strategies: 52%

Most employers intend to add or enhance their vendor solutions*

Fewer plan to change vendor partners

  % made or plan to make changes Add/Enhance vendor solutions Change current vendor partner(s)
Wellbeing programs 67% 84% 23%
Point solutions for clinical conditions 66% 90% 14%
Mental health solutions 61% 82% 30%
Navigation programs 52% 75% 28%

*Based on respondents who made or are planning to make changes to vendor partners over the next two years

Actions you can take now!

  • Review vendor strategy goals and update if necessary
  • Make necessary changes including adding/enhancing solutions
  • Develop metrics that include specific measurements and performance reviews
  • Implement customized communications to launch new solutions

About the survey

A total of 232 U.S. employers participated in the Vendor Strategy Survey, which was conducted in October and November 2022. Respondents employ 3 million employees across a range of industries.

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