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How can real assets have an impact in the community?

June 30, 2022

Some examples of real assets based in the United States that play a role in people’s everyday lives
How can assets have an impact in the community?

Join us on an eco-friendly road trip across the country to witness how real assets play a role in people's everyday lives while also generating potential returns for investors.

Real assets are physical assets whose value is typically derived from their ability to generate income. Real Assets include land, buildings, infrastructure, commodities, and other natural resources investments. Returns generated from Real Assets can offer implicit and explicit inflation-linkages. There is also the opportunity to make a real-life impact in the community, and we demonstrate a few examples here.

Our Real Assets solutions are just one asset example of the many that we provide. By accessing our real asset solutions, you are making a difference in our communities. This has been designed with institutional investors in mind, and to fit into a wider portfolio.

For more information on each of the assets featured and the wider solution, reach out to Ben Leach.


Head of Private Markets Solutions
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