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Infographic: Employers expect challenges in attracting and retaining talent to continue through 2022

Insights from our 2021 Talent Attraction and Retention Survey

August 25, 2021

Employer challenges in attracting and retaining talent are expected to continue through 2022. In response, many are taking action to improve the entire employee experience (EX).
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Panel 1: Compared with last year: Almost 3X as many organizations are having difficulty attracting employees;

4X as many organizations are having difficulty retaining employees.

70% of employers expecting to still have challenges with attraction and 61% with retention, through 2022

Panel 2: Why are employers facing these challenges?

  • Increasing demand for labor: Organizations are hiring more employees; work-from-anywhere policies increase geographic areas of recruitment.
  • Limited supply of labor: Employees postponing a return to work in favor of collecting unemployment benefits or dealing with childcare/eldercare responsibilities. Some hesitate due to pandemic-related fears.
  • Greater wage expectations: Those who are in the labor market are holding out for higher wages -- and often getting them.

Where are these challenges mostly occurring?

Employers are having the most challenges attracting/retaining: Employees with digital skills (78% attracting/63% retaining); Hourly workers (61% attracting/58% retaining); Production/warehouse workers (62% attracting/60% retaining); Hospitality/restaurant workers (57% attracting/56% retaining)

Panel 3:

What are employers doing in response?

To increase both attraction and retention, the most commonly cited action 70% of employers have taken is a broader focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

For retention, 30% are revising salary-increase budgets upwards from original projections.

Most common actions taken by employers Attraction: 70% broader emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion; 61% increased workplace flexibility; 58% increased geographic area of recruitment; 53% greater focus on improving the EX Retention: 71% broader emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion; 70% increase workplace flexibility; 65% tuition reimbursement; 56% employees in certain jobs allowed to work from anywhere; and 51% off-cycle promotion with increase<,p>

Panel 4:

Guidance for employers Employers’ ability to attract and retain workers will be tested through 2022 and possibly beyond.

To best be positioned to win and keep talent for sustained success, organizations need to maintain efforts in areas where others have already taken or plan to take action, such as: Enhancing the EX, increasing starting salaries and base pay, and revising health and wellbeing programs and training and career opportunities

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